Located in Oudenaarde, the entrance to the Flemish Ardennes, this stylish furnished apartment is your ideal vacation house to enjoy Belgium's prime biking region. Be it with or without bicycles, there is no way around the picturesque charm of the city of Oudenaarde which is at the same time the thriving economic hart the region. Motorcyclists too will appreciate this local launch pad with ample parking space away from the street, and it's equally a perfect landing spot for professionals spending some work time in the region.

Up to 6 guests

The penthouse features two spacious bedrooms and room for two more guests in the living room, a separate kitchen, bathroom and toilet. You can enjoy the afternoon and evening sun on the quiet terrace overlooking the area.

Private parking, bicycle storage & workstation

Private parking for your car or motorcycles is available at the back of the building. Upon request there is een room to store your bicycles inside. We also offer a service station to perform small repairs or maintenance actions.